Social Responsibility

John Jordan Foundation Supporting Schools of Hope

John Jordan believes successful small businesses should play an active role in improving the lives of our most vulnerable fellow citizens. A significant portion of the revenue from Jordan Winery funds the John Jordan Foundation.

Sonoma Family Meal Launches New Disaster Relief Fund

Sonoma Family Meal, a disaster-focused non-profit providing chef-made meals to those in need, announces the creation of the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund–a new initiative to help restaurants remain open for disaster-relief cooking by providing healthy, chef-made meals to those in desperate need of food. John Jordan, the owner of Jordan Winery, and the John Jordan Foundation have made a $150,000 investment in the fund, and the non-profits are teaming up to begin a matching drive to raise an additional $150,000.

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers Opens A Pediatric Dental Clinic

With generous support from The John Jordan Foundation, Santa Rosa Community Health’s Dutton Campus opened in March 2018 on Dutton Avenue, just a few blocks from the Dental Campus, also funded by the Foundation in 2014. The proximity of these two locations in central Santa Rosa improves patient access and increases awareness of Santa Rosa Community Health (SRCH) as a trusted source of high-quality care.

JJF Charity Spotlight on Dental Health

Most of us dread going to the dentist, especially when we know that visit will involve shots and drills. A few years ago, I was sitting in my dentist’s chair, cringing at the drill’s whine and thinking, “This must be the worst thing in the world.”  On my way home from the appointment, it hit […]