Santa Rosa Community Health Centers Opens A Pediatric Dental Clinic

With generous support from The John Jordan Foundation, Santa Rosa Community Health’s Dutton Campus opened in March 2018 on Dutton Avenue, just a few blocks from the Dental Campus, also funded by the Foundation in 2014. The proximity of these two locations in central Santa Rosa improves patient access and increases awareness of Santa Rosa Community Health (SRCH) as a trusted source of high-quality care.

The October 2017 wildfires added an unforeseen urgency and new meaning to the Dutton Campus opening. Slated to open just five months after the fires that would destroy our largest health center – the Vista Campus – Dutton became the medical home for many of Vista’s 24,000 displaced patients and 130 providers and staff. It also served as an inspiring symbol of resilience and recovery for our entire team and the broader community that gathered with us in June to celebrate its opening. We are also honored that the Dutton Campus won the North Bay Business Journal’s 2017 Top Real Estate Projects award.

In the first ten months, the 24,000-square-foot facility served 11,067 unique patients in almost 40,000 medical, dental, and mental health visits – well beyond our goal of 8,000 patients. 1,777 of those patients received over 3,000 dental visits. Dutton is the first SRCH campus that integrates all three services under one roof and an alternative medicine center with modalities such as acupuncture and massage to support patient healing. The campus also has an on-site lab and a pharmacy, making it easy for patients to pick up prescriptions and complete tests all in one location, increasing the likelihood that people will carry through with the required care.

Santa Rosa Community Health patients are 44% Hispanic/Latino, 37% White, 10% Undeclared, 5% Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% Black/African-American, and 1% Native American. 85% of our patients have incomes below the Federal Poverty Level of $24,300 a year for a family of four – 50% less than the median for Santa Rosa. 22% of SRCH patients are uninsured.

The Dutton Campus is also home to a specialized and highly innovative program to care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) that is reaching across SRCH. To date, we are serving over 1,000 people with IDD, close to half of whom are cared for at Dutton. This includes former residents of the Sonoma Developmental Center which was closed in 2018.

Dutton includes oversized rooms and specialized wheelchair lift equipment that allows patients to receive medical and dental care without disruptive transfers to/from their wheelchair or gurney. There is a vast need for IDD-responsive dental care, including sedation dentistry, in the North Bay. To help respond, we are also implementing teledentistry out of the Dutton Campus to deliver assessments and cleanings for IDD patients in the comfort of their homes. Caring for patients with IDD is complex, but we are committed to innovating to meet the unique needs of these special individuals. Santa Rosa Community Health’s Dutton Campus will improve the lives of thousands of diverse children, adults, and families in our community for years to come.