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August 16, 2018

The Five Year Partnership with the CTE Foundation

CTE Foundation Investment Impact

2013 – 2017


$250,000 committed over five years


STEM CTE Programs $170,000


In partnership with County of Sonoma, seeded the development of five new Engineering and Design programs across the county:


Project Make – Analy

Applied Physics Make – Piner High School

Engineering – Windsor High School

Engineering – Petaluma High School

Engineering – Sonoma Valley High School



  • Approximately 650 studentsenrolled and benefitting from these programs
  • Four of the five programs are or will be sustained and ongoing by their Districts
  • Four of the five programshave developed additional sections and sequence courses such as academy models, leveraging additional funding through CTE Foundation
  • Engineering and Make classeshave been modeled after these programs in additional schools and districts including Healdsburg High School, El Molino High School, and Cloverdale High School, leveraging additional funding through CTE Foundation

Career Exploration $80,000 ($16,000 to be allocated to CE in 2018)


Supported career exploration programs targeting middle school students county-wide through Step Up Classes and Kuder Navigator online education and career planning system.


Kuder Navigator– Provided to middle school sites across the county, with site training by SCOE, as an important part of the career development continuum and to enhance interest and enrollment in Step-Up programs, career fairs and industry engagement. 


Step-Up Classes – Approximately 27 classes (2014-2017) were held over the three years promoting CTE classes in Culinary Arts, Project Make, Woodworking, Digital Media, Floral Design, Farm to Table and STEM.



  • As many as 7,200 students across 16 middle schoolsbenefitting from the career development online tool, Kuder Navigator
  • 650 middle school students completed one week stepup classes(three years) introducing them to various CTE programs at their respective high schools

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