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June 10, 2020

Council on Aging - Meals on Wheels

Serving Sonoma County seniors and their families since 1966, Council on Aging provides 19 programs in the areas of social, financial, legal, health and nutrition assistance. This past year Council on Aging delivered 174,000 meals through their Meals on Wheels program in Sonoma County. Thanks to the John Jordan Foundation providing 3900 of those home-delivered meals for frail isolated seniors.

In addition to the meals, clients receive a daily check-in, depression screening, pet food for their pets, additional food if this is their sole source of nutrition, and assistance if they have fallen, or are ill and need medical attention. Additionally, Council on Aging remains in contact with family members who are not in the area keeping them apprised of their loved one's health. Three daily meal choices ensure everyone receives a meal that they will enjoy.

Although the meals keep seniors healthy, the daily human contact and conversation with their delivery driver is often the only social interaction they have each day. 94% of seniors receiving meals share that the program helps them to remain living independently in their homes.

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