Providing Flexible Operating Investments to Non-profits – JJF Supports The YWCA

When the Foundation supports a program or organization, we consider it an investment in our future. In that regard, we ensure every dollar we donate is used wisely, responsibly, and transparently for ultimate effectiveness. The Foundation is committed to providing flexible operating investments to non-profits with a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and positive outcomes.

The latest from YWCA Sonoma County:

“The YWCA Sonoma County is extremely grateful for the generosity of the John Jordan Foundation. Specifically, the $25,000 in general operating grant was directed to critical services provided by the YWCA Sonoma County. Below is a summary of services which includes the number of individuals supported by the foundation.

For forty years, YWCA Sonoma County has provided safe harbor and emergency services for women and children fleeing domestic violence, access to a 24/7 crisis hotline, and operates the only therapeutic In FY 2016/2017 alone, the YWCA supported a total of 1,683 adults and 147 children (unduplicated) living in Sonoma County whose lives have been significantly impacted by domestic violence. The YWCA operates Safe House & 24/7 Crisis hotline, the only domestic violence provider in Sonoma County. We provide food, clothing, and safe refuge for adults and their children who are fleeing intimate partner violence and operate at 24/7 crisis hotline connecting victims with support immediately. In fiscal year, 2016/2017 we received 770 calls and served 152 individuals at our Safe House. After staying with us for 8 -12 weeks, participants graduate to our two-year long Encore After-Care Program where we help women transition back into society with renewed self-esteem and self-sufficiency. This fiscal year, we served 44 adults & children with aftercare services. This included assistance with housing, clothing, legal services, and job readiness. 

YWCA’s A Special Place (ASP) Therapeutic Preschool offers full-time, year-round preschool education to children living with violence or neglect. At ASP, children can process and recover from the trauma of domestic violence. Fifty two children benefited from the services provided by A Special Place Preschool in fiscal year 2016/2017 with 510 therapy sessions to children.

Through Community Outreach and Prevention Programs, YWCA staff and volunteers perform outreach, education and support to raise awareness about Domestic Violence. Our prevention programs include Coaching Boys into Men targeted at teens and transition-aged youth, this year we reached 323 athletes, across 10 schools in Sonoma County. The YWCA’s Therapy Program offers mental health supports for children and adults who have experienced trauma, including family violence, abuse, poverty, homeless and domestic violence. Adults who participate in therapy services become empowered by knowing how to maintain a healthy relationship, express feelings in a proactive manner and feel effective as a parent. Therapy services for children incorporates play, art and expressive therapies to improve mental health, behavioral functioning, and cognitive developmental milestones. Early intervention greatly reduces the chance that they will carry the violence with them to adulthood and become batterers or victims themselves. In 2016/2017 the Therapy Program provided 2,049 sessions of therapy to adults and 510 sessions for children.”